First Blog!

I can’t believe the end of the first half-term has arrived already. Today we are holding our Parents’ Conferences. I hope you are all impressed by what your children have achieved over the last couple of months.

This week we have worked on our Black History week. It was amazing to find out so many interesting things about so many important and successful black historical figures. We all know the iconic black heroes such as Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King but until this week I had no idea who had invented peanut butter or  traffic lights or who had performed the first successful open heart surgery. I hope everyone enjoyed the theme week as it made history fun and relevant but that everyone learned a lot. Thank you to all staff and students for doing such great work and to all parents who came to share in our special assembly.

Last weekend I mentioned we were sending a team to the AISEN Art competition. I am pleased to announce that we have won through the first round and will be competing again to see if we can make the final. Congratulations to our talented artists: Jeremy Bride (Yr. 8), Vihaan Nagarkar (Year 7), Osarieme Aburime (5B) and Folayimika Jeje (5C) and their very talented teacher, Mr Felix.

On Wednesday I sent home a list of proposed overseas excursions to Year 5 and above. We will analyse the returns and let you which options gained most support and which we will pursue further.

Have a restful holiday and I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday 31 October for what promises to be a very busy half-term.


Welcome! I am delighted that you are considering Lagos Preparatory School for your child’s education. This prospectus details a wide range of information about LPS. However, it is only by visiting us that you will experience the vibrancy and special spirit in our school.

At Lagos Preparatory School we are proud to bring our motto ‘Non Sibi Omnibus’‘not for oneself but for all’ to life every day, in everything we do. As a whole school community of pupils, parents, staff and Directors, we work in a supportive partnership to achieve the very highest quality British preparatory education. Keeping ‘Non Sibi Sed Omnibus’ at the heart of our endeavours enables us to create a unique atmosphere in which our children thrive. Indeed, in 2010, we became the world’s first international school to achieve the Every Child Matters (ECM) standards award in recognition of our caring ethos and approach to pupils learning. Your child will be encouraged to develop self respect and confidence, to think independently and to value others.

At LPS they will enjoy an educational experience which will be stimulating and challenging. They will gain skills and attributes to fully prepare them for their future studies and beyond, and for achieving rewarding roles in their professional lives.

The commitment of our experiences team of highly talented teachers drives our academic excellence. S.A.T.s results are consistently outstanding with the majority of our children exceeding the demands of the British National curriculum’s expectations in exam performance. Our reputation for academic rigour is built on teacher’s carefully differentiated lesson planning and meticulous attainment tracking. It is this dedication and expertise which enables us to unlock each child’s optimal potential.

In recognition of these high standards Lagos Preparatory School became the first British International School in Africa to exceed all the required standards in our latest DfE (London) school inspection. In addition, as members of the independent Association of Prep Schools (UK) and the Council of British Independent Schools, LPS is currently the most accredited British Prep School in Africa.

One of the most important gifts we can give our children is an outstanding education. In considering Lagos Preparatory School you are making an important step in securing a rewarding investment in your child’s future. I hope to meet you and your child at LPS soon, in the meantime, if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nicholas Barrett